Monument Inscriptions

Grave No.A001
Loving memory of
Gladys Helen
, wife of James H Fearn,
who died March 25th 1906
aged 26 years."
"Peace, perfect peace"
(she died in childbirth),,

Grave No.A002
Treasured memories of
Bert Reeve,
farmer, friend and character of this village,
fell asleep 25th May 2002
aged 83 years,,,,

Grave No.A003
In loving memory of
Mary Reeve
who died 7th May 1929
aged 12 years
Alice Reeve
25th September 1941
aged 57 years,
"Until the dawn breaks",,,,

Grave No.A004
the beloved wife of
Lewis Reeve
who fell asleep Oct 10, 1917,
aged 67 years."
Pt Ernest William Reeve
who fell in action at Hudicourt, France,
April 5, 1917, aged 24."
Pt Lewis Herbert Reeve
died on Active Service at Courtrai, Nov 18, 1918,
aged 29.,,

Grave No.A005
In loving memory of
Phyllis Reeve
died 27th June 1995
aged 72 years,,,,,

Grave No.A006
daughter of
George & Sarah Turner
who died May 7, 1810
aged 5 years."
Also the aforesaid
wife of George Turner,
who died July 9, 1810
aged 24."
their son who died Aug 5, 1819 (corrected to 1810)
aged 5 weeks.,,

Grave No.A007
Katharine Hutchinson
the wife of
Thomas Hutchinson
who departed this life April 29, 1803,
aged 37 years."
Thomas Hutchinson
their son who died April 24, 1819,
aged 24 years."
John and Elizabeth Hutchinson
of the same parents,
who died in their "infancy.
Sarah Hutchinson
the second wife of the aforesaid
Thomas Hutchinson,
who departed this life June 1842,
aged 70."
To the aforesaid
Thomas Hutchinson
who died Nov 27, 1847, aged 77.
"Near fourscore were the years of his earthly life,
& he wished not to pass them again,
For he found that the days of a lengthened life
Are but labour & sorrow & pain.
The truth of this portion of scripture he knew,
& he firmly believed in the rest, "
& looked forward through Christ, who is faithful
In the mansions alive to be blessed.""

Grave No.A008
the wife of
Joseph Hutchinson
died Oct 2, 1831,
aged 25 years."
"Learn from her life the virtues that command,
Learn from her death that heaven’s desires ordain,
To beauty & to youth a short lived reign.
Then soar like her, released from worldly cares,
To bliss that God for purest souls prepared." ,,,

Grave No.A009
Hannah Bower
daughter of
Matthew & Elizabeth Bower
who died Nov 24. 1797,
aged 3 years.
"The great Jehovah from above
Bright angels he did send
To fetch those harmless doves above
To joys that never end.",,,

Grave No.A010
(? not visible - might be )

Grave No.A011
wife of
George Cowley
who died May 3 1775,
aged 37."
"Here blended lie the aged & the youth,
The rich & poor & an undistinguished throng.
Death conquers all & times subduing hand,
nor tomb, nor marble statues can withstand."

Grave No.A012
Here lieth the bodies of
Rebecca White
his wife.
he departed this life March 19. 1750,
aged 71"
she departed this life July 12, 1768,
aged 73,,

Grave No.A013
Jacob Holmes,
late of Rowsley.
Born Sept 27, 1788,
Died Jan 11, 1854

"Thou he were dead yet shall he live,
& whosoever believeth in me shall never die. John II. 25.26"
wife of the above
who departed this life Nov 29, 1871,
aged 80.

"Looking for that blessed hope. Titus II. 13"

Grave No.A014
Alice Kutton
wife of
Samuel Kutton
who departed this life May 27, 1810,
aged 50.

Also the aforesaid
Samuel Kutton
who died Jany 5, 1818,
aged 69,,,

Grave No.A015
William Bunting
who departed this life June 10, 1743,
aged 42.

his wife who died April 27, 1766,
aged 61,,,

Grave No.A016
the wife of
John Lees
who departed this life Feb 23, 1811,
aged 61.,,,,

Grave No.A017
the wife of William Brown
who departed this life Sept. 19, 1752, aged 36.,,,,

Grave No.A018
James Madies
who departed this life March 25, 1783,
aged 21."
"I was in pain so sore oppressed,
It wore my strength away.
I long for the eternal rest Which never will decay.",,,

Grave No.A019
William Elliott
who departed this life Oct ye 31st 1796,
aged 22.

the daughter of
Wm and Grace Elliott,
who departed this life Sept ye 1st 1797,
aged 1 year.,,,

Grave No.A020
To preserve and write the memory of
the wife of
William Elliott
& late wife of
John Holmes
who died June 24, 1800 aged 23."
wife of
John Holmes
Born Nov 8, 1798
Died Dec 29, 1886
"Thy will be done."
"Not gone from memory,
not gone from love,
but gone to our Father’s home above."

Grave No.A021
(There is a Mary Hudson in the records which may be a mis-spelling)
Mary Woodson
who departed this life Jan ye 8th 1785,
aged 27.

"A faithful maid lies buried here,
A lover true and friend sincere,
She wished the marriage state to prove,
But death had quicker wings than love.

Here o’er her (corfin?) her wido’s friend,
Regrets her short and hasty end.
This sculptured stone his passion rears
And bathes her hapless name in tears.
But hold fond swain her wing thy constant heart.
We’ll meet again
Hereafter ne’er to part."
(It is said that she died on the way to the wedding)

Grave No.A022

William Wallis
died July 29, 1844,
aged 56.

his wife
who died June 25, 1861,
aged 72.

Grave No.A023
Thomas Lees of Beeley who died May 22, 1898, aged 56.""The Lord gave & the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.",,,

Grave No.A024
Sacred to the memory of Mary Elliott,
wife of
John Elliott,
who died April 5th 1811
aged 58 years"
"Why should i weep & weep thees tears in vain,
I too shall shortly quit this mortal scene,
in death my wife and I shall meet a
short is the space & but a span between."

Grave No.A025
son of William & Ann Worrall
died in infancy buried July 15, 1811."
Also Ann Worrall
daughter of Wm & Ann Worrall
who died Feby 15, 1811, aged 2 years."
Also William Worrall
their son was buried April 23, 1818 aged 1 year."
Also Henry Worrall their son
was buried Nov 4, 1839, aged 18 years."
Also Ann Worrall
wife of the above Wm Worrall
who was buried Oct 8, 1821, aged 37.
Also William Worrall the above
who was buried June 2nd 1854 aged 68.

Grave No.A026
Sacred to the memory of
the daughter of John and Margaret McDonald
who died November 9th 1809 aged 3 years.,
Also the aforesaid
John McDonald
A man of genuine piety toward God
Just and benevolent toward man.
For fifteen months his spirit was confined
In a sickly prison waiting a release,
Till at last his Lord pronounced well done,
Well hast thou sought the better light,
Receive the crown and enter into rest"
He departed this life January 1st 1814 aged 37 years.
Ruth his daughter
who died December 3th 1825 aged 12 years.,,

Grave No.A027

Grave No.A028

Samuel Worrall
who departed this life
Sept. 13, 1801, aged 64."Also
his wife who departed this life July 3, 1807, aged 72.""
Affliction sore long time she bore,
Physicians were in vain,
Till was pleased death should her ease,
And free her from her pain.",,

Grave No.A029
Henry William Worrall,
the son of Charles and Mary Worrall
who died June 27, 1841, aged 1 year & 11 weeks."
Our child that moulders in the tomb
Was beautiful from birth.
We fondly thought to see him bloom
A lively flower on earth."
Also the aforesaid
Mary Worrall
the wife of Charles Worrall
who departed this life August 30, 1843, aged 32.""
As if a silver planet left the sphere
It cheered with calmest brightness
Leaving there an empty, unblest darkness even so
Didst thou from thine afflicted husband go
To regions fairer, brighter.
Fair thee well.
Mary, no epitaph thy worth can tell.",

Grave No.A030
the wife of Henry Worrall
who died January VIIth MDCCCXXVI (corrected to 1836) aged LXX
Also the aforesaid
Henry Worrall
late farmer to his Grace the Duke of Devonshire
who died February XXVIII, MDCCCXXXIX
Two of the best of friends is dead & they have laid them here:
Tread lightly on this hallowed bed,
For death has made it dear.",,

Grave No.A031

In loving memory of
George Hawksworth,
born 6th June 1882, died 22nd November 1934 ""
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping""
his beloved wife,
born 22nd October 1881, died 20th January 1967,,

Grave No.A032

Joseph Turner
who departed this life Sept 13. 1843, aged 51.""
A faithful friend, a husband dear,
A tender parent lieth here.
In love he lived, in peace he died,
Life was desired, but God denied.",,,

Grave No.A033
Samuel Grundy
departed this life the 12th day of March 1729 (corrected to 1721).,,,,,

Grave No.A034

In loving memory of
Lucy Eleanor
dearly beloved wife of George Hodkin,
At rest Dec 2nd 1926 aged 72 years. "
Also of
George Holmes Hodkin,
at rest June 7th 1938 "
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord",,,,

Grave No.A035

Dorothy Elizabeth,
the dearly beloved wife of Edward Horace Hodkin,
at rest March 8th 1924 aged 59 years"
Also of her husband
Edward Horace Hodkin,
at rest January 19th 1951 aged 83 years,,,,

Grave No.A036

William Hodkin
of Bridge House, Edensor,
who died July 28th 1899, aged 69 years."
The Lord is my strength and my Redeemer."
Also of
Eliza his wife
who died August 26th 1909, aged 72."
He giveth His beloved sleep.",,,

Grave No.A037
Betty Turner,
daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Turner
who died October 4. 1790, aged 3 years."
Also the aforesaid
Samuel Turner
who died May 3. 1795, aged 46."
Also Elizabeth his wife
who died Nov 25. 1828, aged 75.,,,

Grave No.A038
the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Turner
who died July 5, 1810, aged 20."
Therefore be ye also ready for in an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh",,,,,

Grave No.A039
Joseph Brown
departed this life July 24th, 1750, aged 67.,,,,,

Grave No.A040
Richard Brown
who died July the 22­­nd day, 1717,,,,,

Grave No.A041
the wife of Joseph Brown
who departed this life November 27, 1759, aged 65 years.,,,,,

Grave No.A042
Here lieth the body of
Ann the daughter of
Jacob & Mary Holmes of Beeley Hill Top
who departed this life April 30, 1767
in the second year of her age."
John their son
who departed this life May 3rd 1767,
in the 18th year of his age.
George their son
who departed this life May ye 10th 1767 in the 9th year of his age."
Blessed are those in Jesus dead,
Sweet is their sleep, soft their bed,
Ah silley we for such to weep,
They are not dead, but gone to sleep.""
Jacob their son
who departed this life May 23, 1792 in the 36th year of his age."
Also the aforesaid
Jacob Holmes
who died Sept 18th, 1803 aged 82."
Mary his wife
died Feb 5th 1815, aged 84."

Grave No.A043

Erected to the memory of
wife of Sampson Bowler
of Inkersall in the parish of Staveley
who departed this life March 10, 1841, aged 66."
Reader prepare to meet thy God."
daughter of the above
& wife of Thomas Goodwin of Inkersall in the parish of Staveley
who departed this life January 17, 1865, aged 62.""
I shall go to them, they will not return to me.",,

Grave No.A044a

Louisa (Georgina) Hodkin
wife of William Hodkin
who died Sept 7 1873, aged 39 years."
Also Ruth their daughter
who died April 22nd 1856, aged 14 months."
Also Edgar their son
who died March 12th, 1873, aged 12 weeks."
Mary Elizabeth, their daughter
who died July 12. 1898, aged 33 years."
Also Albert William Hodkin
their son who died in California, USA,
Feby 20, 1898, aged 35 years."

Grave No.A044b

John Froggatt,
buried Dec 19, 1719:
Frances his wife:
& Grace Shimwell, his sister.

Grave No.A045
Joseph Fern
who died August 29, 1803. aged 46 years.,,,,,

Grave No.A046
Here lieth the body of
daughter of Joseph and Susanna Fern,
who departed this life August 27, 1749.,,,,,

Grave No.A047
(Surface of stone is now badly damaged)
Charles Holmes
who died Dec. 11, 1836, aged 73."
Also Ann, his wife,
who died Feby 14, 1831, aged 67."
Also Ann, their daughter,
who died Nov 9, 1831 aged 26."
Also Ruth, wife of William Holmes,
who died Nov 12, 1853, aged 61 years."
Also the aforesaid
William Holmes,
who died Dec 12, 1867, aged 79 years.

Grave No.A048
son of George & Mary Holmes,
who died February 7. 1772, aged 4 years."
Also Mary,
the wife of George Holmes
& mother of the aforesaid child,
who died December 5. 1800 aged 65 years."
Also the aforesaid
George Holmes,
who departed this life January 28, 1806, aged 79 years.,,,

Grave No.A049
Here lieth the bodys of the sons & daughters of George and Mary Holmes.
George who departed this life March 15, 1757, aged 4 months"
Sarah who departed this life April 9, 1758 aged 5
John who departed this life April 9 1766 aged 4 years & 11 months.
William who departed this life April 10, 1766 aged 7 years"
"Weep not for us parents dear,
we are not ded but sleeping here,
our time was short our greef was less,
we are gone from you to happiness.",,

Grave No.B001
In loving memory of
John Vernon
son of John Prince and Annie Stone
died October 6. 1931 aged 18 years,,,

Grave No.B002
In loving memory of
beloved wife of William Fearn
who died April 28th 1925 aged 59 years.,
Also of
Dorothy Elliott
their daughter
who died April 14th 1926 aged 22 years.,
"At rest",

Grave No.B003
[Small cross] Inscription unclear - may be
Frances Grindey
(Born Aug 30, 1882 - Died Mar 15, 1883),,

Grave No.B004
In memory of
Wilfred Grafton
of Calton Lees
1888 - 1938,
Also his wife
Eliza Grafton
1889 - 1971,
"At rest",

Grave No.B005
And of their daughter
Melissa Grafton
1914 - 1994,,,

Grave No.B006
Also of their son
Frederick Grafton
1923 - 1992,
And of his brother
Thomas Grafton
1930 - 1996,,

Grave No.B007
William Grindey
who died February 17. 1927 aged 56 years,

Grave No.B008
In loving memory of
Alfred Grafton
January 25th 1938 aged 54 years,
"At rest",,

Grave No.B009
In Loving Memory of
George E Boden
who died March 14th 1932 aged 63 years,
"At rest",
Ada Frances Boden
who died April 26th 1952 aged 70 years,

Grave No.B010
Joseph Reading
of Beeley
who died Jan 28, 1876, aged 40.,,

Grave No.B011
daughter of
Samuel & Emily Grafton
of Beeley
who died Dec 13, 1870, aged 2 years."
Also of
Frank their son
who died Apr 15, 1871, aged 6 months."
Lily their daughter
who died Apr 7, 1883, aged 5 months

Grave No.B012

Samuel Grafton
of the Old Hall Beeley,
who died Sept 26, 1887, in his 46th year.
"His end was peace".
Also of
Emily his wife
who died Sept 5, 1904, age 61.
"In the midst of life we are in death"

Grave No.B013

Lily daughter of
George & Elizabeth Roose,
born March 15, 1885
died Apr 24, 1888."
the beloved husband of
Elizabeth Roose
who died Aug 20, 1908, aged 48"
"Peace after suffering, sweet sleep at last"

Grave No.B014
Thomas Roose
of Beeley
who died Dec 4, 1871, aged 74
"If we believe that Jesus died & rose again"
Sarah his wife
who died Dec 2, 1874, aged 74
"Thy will be done"

Grave No.B015
eldest daughter of William & Sarah Roose,
of Blue Door Lodge,
Born Nov 30, 1855:
Died Mar 20, 1897.
"Thy will be done",,

Grave No.B016
Thomas Burdekin
of Beeley,
who passed away Mar 12, 1902, aged 57."
"Rock of ages cleft for me,
let me hide myself in Thee",

Grave No.B017
Charles Worrall
of Beeley
Born Sept 4, 1812.
Died Feby 25, 1880.
"The memory of the just is blessed"
"Our father has gone before,
To that celestial shore:
He has left us all behind,
Found the rest we toil to find.",,,

Grave No.B018
Isaac Grindey
who died Apr 21, 1875, aged 33.
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord",,,,,

Grave No.B019
William Roose
of Blue Doors Lodge, Beeley,
who died March 20, 1907, aged 75.
"Thy will be done",,,,,

Grave No.B020
wife of Charles Fearn,
who died Feb 12, 1873 aged 52.
"So He giveth His beloved sleep".
Also Charles,
the above named,
who died July 25, 1894, aged 70.
"Thy will be done",,,

Grave No.B021
[Little Cross]
daughter of Edward & Alice A. B. Fearn of Beeley.
Born Feby 14,
died April 6, 1900."
George their son
who died Sept 5, 1903, aged 5 years.
"In Jesus keeping we are safe & they",,,,

Grave No.B022
son of Joseph & Jane Evans of Beeley,
who died May 22, 1898,
in the 19th year of his age.
"The Lord knoweth them that are His",,,,,

Grave No.B023
[White cross of wood]
Soldier’s Grave,
Died 30
175530 Gnr. H. B. Bond Headstone to the above - "
In loving memory of
Harry Bertram,
gunner R. C. A,
son of Jacob & Ellen Bond of Beeley,
died from wounds received in France,
November 30th 1918,
aged 21 years.
"Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends."
R. I. P.,,,

Grave No.B024
son of Joseph & Charlotte Goddard
who died Apr 28, 1896, aged 14."
their daughter
who died Nov 16, 1896, aged 5 years."
"Not lost, but gone before""
Also of
Joseph Goddard,
the above named,
who died February 26th 1925 aged 71 years
"So He giveth His beloved sleep"
Also of
Charlotte his wife,
who died June 11th 1932 aged 79 years

Grave No.B025
In loving memory of our dear parents,
Florence Annie Ollivant
who died March 14th 1972 aged 72 years,
and Charles Ollivant
who died May 31st 1977 aged 76 years,,,,

Grave No.B026
In loving memory of
Charles Anthony Holmes
died Mar 12. 1929 aged 59 years,
Elsie Holmes
died Dec 11. 1909 aged 26 years,
also of
Ethel Alice Holmes
died May 19. 1954 aged 74 years,
"At rest",,,

Grave No.B027
Richard Newns
who died Oct 20th 1890 aged 25 years
"Good was his heart,
in friendship sound,
Patient in suffering,
loved by friends around,
His pains are oer,
his grief for ever done,
A life of everlasting joy,
is now begun"
Rose his sister
who died July 26th 1906 aged 80 years,
"He giveth rest to the weary",,,

Grave No.B028
Mary Jane
wife of Richard Cundy of Ashover
who departed this life June 21, 1875, aged 27."
1 Thess IV - 14
"For if we believe (that Jesus) died and rose again,
even them also that are fallen asleep in Jesus will God bring

Grave No.B029
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Thomas Buckley
who died July 15, 1872, aged 66."
Also Mary,
wife of the above,
who died Oct 26, 1893, aged 74."
"Her toils are past,
her work is done,
& she is fully blest:
She’s fought the fight,
the victory won,
& entered into rest.""
Also of
Harriet their daughter
who died June 14, 1909, aged 57.
"At rest",
Also of
George Buckley
who died August 22 1925 aged 75 years

Grave No.B030

Sarah Elizabeth
wife of Isaach Cundy of Ashover
who departed this life July 6, 1872, aged 26."
"Her languishing head is at rest,
Its thinking and aching are o’er:
Her quiet immovable breast,
Is heaved by affliction no more.",

Grave No.B031
John Turner
of Burchall
who departed this life July 1, 1876, aged 44."
"One gentle sigh his fetters broke,
We scarce could say he’s gone;
Before the fluttering heart took flight,
& we are left alone.
The words that bound our hearts on earth,
broken by God’s hand:
But yet again we hope to meet
Thee in a purer land"."
Also Sarah
wife of the above
who died June 8, 1907."
"We shall miss thee sadly mother,
More than ever we can tell.
We shall never find another
That will love us half so well.",,

Grave No.B032
[Flat stone enclosed in iron railing]
Sacred to the memory of
Mary Thomson
of Ardwick, Manchester,
who died at Beeley 9th Nov 1845, aged 53"
"This tablet is erected as a token of affectionate remembrance by her brother Edmund R Thomson Esq of Legh Lodge, Ardwick".,,,

Grave No.B033
In loving memory of
Edith Hulley,
a dear wife and mother
who died May 7th 1980 aged 83 years.
And Wilfred Hulley
a dear husband and father
who died April 17th 1985 aged 87 years.,

Grave No.B034
In loving memory of
Arthur Hulley
of Beeley
who died Sept 20th 1954 aged 82 years(?),
also his wife
who died May 18th 1955 aged 79 years.,
"At rest",,

Grave No.B035
wife of David Redfern
who died Mar 23, 1857 aged 47."
Also the above named
David Redfern
who died May 29, 1858, aged 58.,,

Grave No.B036

Agur Hogg
of Harwood Grange
who died Jany 29, 1855, aged 69."
Ann Hogg his wife
who died Apr 23, 1866, aged 80.,,

Grave No.B037

Samuel Turner
who died May 2, 1847, aged 68."
"Afflicted sore long time he bore,
Physicians were in vain,
Till God was pleased death should him ease & free him from his pain""
Sarah his wife,
who died Jany 1, 1871, aged 92.,

Grave No.B038
In affectionate remembrance of
William Froggat
of Calton Lees
who died Sept 6 1906 aged 64 years
"Well done, good and faithful servant.
Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"
Also of
Ada Louisa his wife
who died Jan 7 1932 aged 65 years ,,

Grave No.B039
George Wilson
of Carlton Lees
who died Oct 24, 1880 aged 61.
"His end was peace".
Also Ann his daughter
who died June 20th 1877 , aged 29
Also Catherine his wife
who died August 1st 1905 aged 80 years,
"At rest"

Grave No.B040
Ann Boot,
widow of late William Boot of Alfreton
died April 25, 1839 aged 66.,,,

Grave No.B041

Thomas Wilson
of Carlton Lees
who died Mar 12, 1904 in his 83rd year."
Also of
Elizabeth his wife
who died Aug 5, 1902 aged 67."
"Come unto me ye weary,
& I will give you rest.",

Grave No.B042
daughter of George & Hannah Wilson
who died Jan 5, 1832, aged 15 years.
Also the above named
George Wilson
who died Jan 14 1855 aged 68.,
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Also of
Hannah his wife
who died Nov 7, 1873, aged 90."
Sarah their daughter
who died Sept 1, 1892, aged 78."

Grave No.B043
In loving memory of
Joshua Bond
of Beeley
who died November 10 1933 aged 73 years,
Also of
Hannah his wife
who died January 28th 1952 aged 69 years,
"At rest",,

Grave No.B044

Grave No.B045
(no stone found),,,,,

Grave No.B046
Sacred to the memory of
George Bond
of Beeley
who died March 31, 1900, aged 75."
Also Amelia
wife of the above named
who died Dec 14, 1870, aged 41.
"Thy will be done",,

Grave No.B047

Alice Grafton
Died 28th April 1926 Aged 64 years,
Samuel Grafton
Died 27th June 1939 Aged 76 years,
Stanley Grafton
Son of the above
Died 4th Sept 1964 Aged 76 years,
and Olive Jane Grafton
wife of the above (Stanley)
died 21st Sept 2007 aged 92 years,

Grave No.B048
(see below Chadwick's inventory says "Elizabeth his great...." C122)
(Re-read as Elizabeth ... Greaves)
Stone is broken - possibilities
1589 daughter of Thomas;
1592 daughter of Robert;
1597 wife of William;
or 27
1646 wife of John, maiden name Wood,,,

Grave No.B049
son to Godfrey Barker
died Feby 27th 1645
[In the register he is styled "Generosus" ie "gentleman"]"
mother to the said Godfrey Barker,
died Aug 28, 1667.
[This burial is not entered in the Register]"
This stone is described by Mr Meynell as being in "the middle aisle, also that to…..""

Grave No.B050
daughter of
Adam Barker,
died D A Nov 17, 1664.
[Mr Meynell says that carved upon a great(?) door in the chancel were the words
"Godfrey Barker sete - made by A. B. 1660"],

Grave No.B051

[This burial is not entered in the Register.
There is no record of this stone having been in the church,
but it would appear to have been to judge from the excellent preservation of the lettering.]
Here lies the body of
M Richard Hawis
who died the 11 of March AN DNI 1655,
Originally recorded as Harris

Grave No.B052

Here lieth the body of
John Frogatt
late of Frogat.
He begat 11 sonnes & 6 daughters & died Dec (??) 26th, Anno dom 1640(?)
[This stone is described by Mr. Meynell,
who visited the church in 1817,
as being "near the entrance door"]"
A John Froggatt was buried ye 31st Dec 1741,
& a John Froggatt, senior,
was buried Dec 27th 1640 (Register)."
The gravestone is evidently that of the latter, viz Dec 27th 1640."

Grave No.C001
Charlotte White
of Fallinge
who fell asleep March 7. 1940
aged 64 years,,,,

Grave No.C002
In loving memory of
Thomas White,
died 9th October 1947,
aged 68 years,
Also his wife
Mary Brown White,
died 6th August 1960,
aged 75 years.,

Grave No.C003
In loving memory of
John Thomas,
beloved husband of
Ellen Hutchnson,
died August 31st 1937
aged 64 years,
“Rest in the Lord”,
Also of the above named
Ellen Hutchinson,
died March 8th 1955
aged 76 years,
“Re-united” ,

Grave No.C004
In loving memory of
Mary Frances,
beloved daughter of
J T Hutchinson of Beeley,
died May 3. 1928,,,,

Grave No.C005
“In affectionate remembrance of
Charlotte Elizabeth Milthorpe,
fell asleep August 15th 1923.
In the Lord is my trust”.,,,

Grave No.C006
(Grave needs cleaning),,,,

Grave No.C007
In loving memory of
dearly beloved wife of
George Beard,
who died January 19th (amended to 9th) 1926
aged 58 years,“And with the morn those angel faces smile
Which I have loved long since and lost awhile”,,,

Grave No.C008
William Irvine
the beloved child of
Nathaniel Irvine & Frances Hawkes,
Born Oct 1, 1877,
died Sept 19, 1879.,
“The time is short”,,,

Grave No.C009
Harriett Mary
daughter of
Henry C. Sculthorpe
who fell asleep in Jesus
February 8, 1874,
aged 6 years & 10 months,
Annie Louise
daughter of
Henry C. Sculthorpe
who fell asleep in Jesus March 9, 1875,
aged 3 years & 9 months,
(Eveline) Dorothy,
Born July 28, 1884,
Died April 10, 1885,
“Thy will be done”,

Grave No.C010
son of
Matthew & Martha Towndrow
of Beeley,
died at Nottingham
Feb 20, 1902, aged 29.,
their daughter
who died Jan 21, 1890,
aged 16 years.,
“In the midst of life we are in death”,
their son
who died Aug 22, 1909,
aged 30. ,
“His end was peace”

Grave No.C011
son of
William & Mary Downs
who died Jan 12, 1872,
aged 22.,
“Like crowned fruit trees we stand,
& some are marked to fall:
The axe is laid at God’s command,
& soon will smite us all.”,
the above named,
who died Aug 12, 1874,
aged 64.,
the above named,
who died July 12, 1891,
aged 78.,
“Asleep in peace”

Grave No.C012
the wife of
Arundel Bowring
of Beeley
who died Sept 10, 1888,
aged 34.,
“No more we see her in our midst,
No more her voice we hear:
For death has been and called away,
the one we loved so dear”,,,

Grave No.C013
son of
Arundel & Elizabeth Bowring,
born June 5, 1882,
died Mar 30, 1887(amended to 1883),
“His time was short”,,

Grave No.C014
In loving memory of
my beloved husband
John Prince Stone
who passed to his rest
February 7th 1938 aged 63 years,
“Peace perfect peace”,
Also of
Annie Stone
his wife.
Re-united April 5th 1952
aged 76 years,
Joyce Helena
their daughter
who died in infancy (1910),

Grave No.C015
son of
Benjamin & Joyce Stone
of Beeley Hill Top
who died Jan 3, 1895,
in his 19th year.,
Ruth Hannah
their daughter
who died Oct 1, 1898
aged 28.,
“Thy way not mine O Lord”.,
Benjamin Stone
the above named
who died at Beeley Oct 29, 1911,
aged 72.,
“Grant Lord Jesus thine eternal rest”.

Grave No.C016
Cherished memories of
a beloved husband and Dad,
Andy Wrath,
“Rest in peace my love”,

Grave No.C017

Grave No.C018
son of
Henry & Fanny Gilbert
of Rowsley,
who died Sept 3, 1888,
aged 5 months.,
Also two children that died in infancy,
“Jesus hath claimed his lambs”,,

Grave No.C019
Sacred to the memory of
George Hunter Esq.
of Harcourt Buildings, Temple,
youngest son of
David Hunter
of Killylung, Dumfriesshire.
Died Mar 18, 1841,
at Stonecliff H

Grave No.C020
Samuel Downs
of Beeley
who died Nov 22, 1893,
aged 70.,
“Gone but not forgotten”,,,

Grave No.C021
In memory of
Hilda Emma Sherwood,
4.7.1912 - 4.7.2006,
Wife of
Sydney Sherwood,
16.9.1908 - 7.5.1977,
“Rest in peace”

Grave No.C022
Vince Gilroy
1924 - 2007,
“He played his part well
Comedy, tragedy, and above all generosity.
A true family man.”,,,

Grave No.C023
In loving memory of
a dear sister,
Evelyn Parker,
Died 26th October 2005
aged 73 years.,
“Rest in peace”,

Grave No.C024
In loving memory of
Ian Andrew Beresford,
4th November 1952,
24th December 2004,,

Grave No.C025
In Loving memory of
a dear wife, mother and grandma,
Mary Milthorpe Steele,
Passed away on 24th August 2004,
Aged 72 years,

Grave No.C026
In loving memory of
Charles Francis McCarthy
of Croom, Co. Limerick, Eire.
Born 6th Oct 1915.
died 27th February 2000.,
Grace Ellen McCarthy, nee Bond,
his wife
of Edensor Derbyshire,
born 27th July 1923,
died 7th December 2002;,
“Together again for always”,,

Grave No.C027
In loving memory of
Ethel Gilbert,
a dearly loved wife, mother and grandmother.
Died 2nd January 2002
aged 85 years.,
Also her husband
Clifford Gilbert,
a dear father, grandad and great grandad.
Died 21st December 2009
aged 92 years.

Grave No.C028
Inscription only “ I H”
Could be one of several John or Joseph.,,,,

Grave No.C029
the second wife of
John Hawksworth,
who died October 1877
aged 65 years,
their son
who died September 21st 1820
aged 10 years,
“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”,
the above named
who died February 1st 1886
aged 75 years,
beloved daughter of
Martin and Ann Halksworth
of Astwith
who died at Beeley January 17th 1886
aged 16 years

Grave No.C030
See C31,,,,,

Grave No.C031
William Brown
who died June 2nd 1928
aged 75 years,
his wife
who died Dec 15th 1883
aged 24 years,
their son
who died Nov 13th 1883
aged 1 month,
his wife
who died Dec 27th 1924
aged 68 years ,

Grave No.C032
See C31,,,,,

Grave No.C033
Alexander Hibbs
of Beeley
who died Feb 21, 1886,
aged 77.,
his wife
who died Aug 20, 1886,
aged 64.,
“They have left us those loved ones,
& gone to the land;,
Where all are kept safely by God’s righteous hand.”,,

Grave No.C034
In Loving Memory of
William Grindey,
a dearly loved husband and father,,
died 16th April 2001
aged 84 years.,
“God have you in his keeping until we meet again”,,,,

Grave No.C035
In loving memory of
Lily Bland,
mother of
David and Paul,
died 19th February 2000
in her 90th year,
Edward Bland
Priest and Pastor
1914 - 2006,
“In heavenly love abiding”,,,

Grave No.C036
In loving memory of
Paul Howard Bland LL.B, B.Sc. (Econ),
Barrister-at-Law of The Inner Temple,
Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights,
Freeman of The City of London.,
Died on the Eve of All Hallows, 1998
aged 53 y
“Then shall the lame man leap as an hart,
and the tongue of the dumb shall sing,
and the ransomed of the Lord shall return,
and come to Zion,
and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”,,

Grave No.C037
In loving memory of
James Leslie Cantrill,
a dear husband and father,
died 10th November 1995
aged 74 years.
(“And Mizpah; for he said,
The Lord watch between me and thee,
when we are absent one from another.”),,,,

Grave No.C038
In loving memory of
a dear sister and Auntie,
Kathleen Parker,
died 29th September 1994
aged 60 years,
“Rest in peace”,,,,

Grave No.C039
In loving memory of
Janet Marion Bacon,
born 19th March 1944,
died 22nd Dec 1993,,,,,

Grave No.C040
In loving memory of
Charles William Spinks
died 25th June 1993
aged 78 years,
his beloved wife
died 15th Jan. 1999
aged 85 years,,,,

Grave No.C041
In loving memory of
Diane Elizabeth Hill
died 2nd March 1993
aged 50 years,
Beloved wife of Derek and mother of Karen and Ian,
“Eternal love”,,,

Grave No.C042
In loving memory of
a dear wife and mother,
Joyce Bond,
died 31st December 1992
aged 81 years,
Also her husband,
Samuel Bond,
a dear husband & father,
died 20th Dec. 1997,
Devoted grandparents,
“Together now forever”,
In loving memory of
James Bond,
died 30th June 1998,
aged 82 years,
a dear brother and uncle,
“Sadly missed”

Grave No.C043
Thomas Beswick
of Beeley
who died Aug 5, 1864,
aged 35.,
his son
who died May 13, 1886,
aged 26.,
William Stone
who died Aug 2, 1872,
aged 39.,
wife of
William Stone
who died Dec 7, 1906,
aged 76.,
“Thy will be done”,

Grave No.C044
Hagus 1859 and Henry 1859,Henry Downs who died June 15, 1867, aged 39.,Also Hagus his daughter who died Mar 18, 1859, aged 2 years & 2 months,Also Henry his son who died Apr 2, 1859, aged 5 months.,,,

Grave No.C045
In loving memory of
a dear husband and father
Maurice William Fearn
died 30th June 1992
aged 71 years.,
“His life a beautiful memory,
his absence a silent grief”,,,,

Grave No.C046
In memory of
Alan Oldale,
a much loved Dad and Grandad,
died 15th June 1992
aged 66 years.,
Beryl Oldale,
a much loved Mother and Nan,
died 8th Jan 2007
aged 76 years,
“Always together”,,,

Grave No.C047
Not visible. Might be Kenneth Bernard Fern 1991 or Dorothy Drinkwater 1992,,,,,,

Grave No.C048
In loving memory of
a dear wife, Mum and Nan,
Myra Irene Critchlow,
who died 22nd July 1991
aged 83 years,
Also her husband
William Critchlow
- Bill -
a loving Dad, Grandad and Great-Grandad,
who died 22nd April 2006
aged 98 years,
“Forever in our thoughts”,,,

Grave No.C049
In loving memory of
Cyril James Fearn,
of Fold Farm.
Devoted husband and father.
Died 23rd February 1991
aged 70 years,,,

Grave No.C050
In loving memory of
Harry Allsop
At Rest 5th January 1990
aged 62 years.,
Also his wife
Kathleen Margaret Allsop
At Rest 1st March 1997
aged 64 years.,
“We’ll walk hand in hand O love Divine.

Grave No.C051
ALLSOP Kathleen 1997,Wife of Harry included in C50 but buried here - inscription under C50,,,

Grave No.C052
In loving memory of
Maggie Hill,
dearly loved wife of
a beloved Mother and Grandmother,
died 30th December 1986
aged 87 years.,
“Peace after pain”,Also her husband
James Edward Hill,
died 12th August 1993
aged 87 years,

Grave No.C053
In loving memory of
Grace Eva Fearn,
died 3rd November 1988.
Daughter of
Alice and Edward and beloved Aunt.,
“Rest in Peace”,,

Grave No.C054
In Loving Memory of
Nellie Walvin
died 7th Dec. 1979
aged 66 years,
Mary Taylor,
Beloved wife of
died 7th July 2001
aged 77 years,
“At peace”,

Grave No.C055
In loving memory of
Doris Wyatt Hodkin,
died 19th Dec. 1979
aged 82 years,
also her husband
Albert Hodkin,
died 4th Sept. 1984
aged 89 years,,

Grave No.C056
In loving memory of
our parents
Marie Hill
died 26th Feb. 1981
aged 70 years,
Herbert William Hill
died 20th Nov. 1989
aged 85 years.
“At rest”,,

Grave No.C057
In loving memory of
our dear parents
Charles A. Skipper
died 3rd March 1982
aged 67.,
Clara K. Skipper
15th March 1982
aged 70.,,

Grave No.C058
In loving memory of
Sydney Thomas Grant
died 21st January 1968
aged 75 years,
And of his wife
Doris Stella Rogers Grant
died 10th March 1982
aged 88 years,,

Grave No.C059
In loving memory of
a dear husband and father
Henry Towndrow
died 1st March 1981
aged 83 years,
And of a dear wife and mother
Elizabeth Lydia
died 22nd February 1991
aged 92 years.

Grave No.C060
In ever loving memory of
a dear husband and father
Frederick Holly Marsden
at rest 5th September 1986
aged 75 years,
Also his wife
at rest 15th February 2003
aged 87 years.
Beloved mother and grandmother.,,

Grave No.C061
In loving memory of
Annie Hulley (Nancy Wall)
of Woodland Cottage, Beeley,
who died May 6th 1985
aged 87 years,,,

Grave No.C062
In loving memory of
son of
John and Ann Downs of Beeley,
who departed this life 9th December 1844
aged 7 years,,,

Grave No.C063
In loving memory of
my dear husband
Lewis Reeve
died 6th January 1976
aged 65 years,
Also his wife
Alice Reeve
at peace 24th December 2002
aged 94 years.,,

Grave No.C064
In loving memory of
George Stewardson
died February 11th 1975
aged 77,
wife of the above
died June 19th 2002
aged 88,,

Grave No.C065
In loving memory of
Robert Allsop
died 1st September 1976
aged 63 years,
Also his wife
died 23rd February 1998
aged 82 years,
“Always loved and missed”,
Small memorial
In loving memory of
Millie Homer
27.5.1907 - 9.5.1991And her son
Harold Anthony Homer
12.5.1945 - 27.3.2004

Grave No.C066
In loving remembrance of
a dear wife and mother
Marjorie Gascoigne Gladwin
who fell asleep 15th January 1977
aged 71 years,
Wilburn James Gladwin
husband of the above
who fell asleep 7th February 1980
aged 75 years,

Grave No.C067
In loving memory of
a dear husband and father
Reginald William Fearn,
died 21st May 1977
aged 70 years
“The Lord is my shepherd”,
And of his wife
a beloved mother and grandmother,
died 30th Sept. 1981
aged 65 years.
“He leadeth me beside the still waters”,,

Grave No.C068
In loving memory of
a dear husband and father,
William Wilson ,
Born 4th July 1909,
died 18th April 1978,
and a dear wife and mother,
Esther Mary Wilson,
born 10th April 1910,
died 14th June 1993,
“At rest”,

Grave No.C069
In loving memory of
a dear wife and mother
Rosemary Towndrow
died 5th December 1978
aged 77 years,
Frederick Charles Towndrow,
a very dear husband,
died 20th November 1985
aged 86 years,,

Grave No.C070
To the memory of
Christopher Vincent Gilroy
- Chris- a much loved son and brother
died 5th May 1979
aged 21 years,
Patrick John
his brother
died 5th Oct 1954
aged 5 years,,

Grave No.C071
In affectionate Remembrance of
Martha Brown
of Fallinge
who died Oct 15th 1857
aged 61 years,,,

Grave No.C072
In loving memory of
beloved daughter of
Lewis and Alice Reeve
died 1st April 1974
aged 41 years,,,

Grave No.C073
In loving memory of
Jessie Burdekin
died 1st January 1974
aged 76 years.,
Also her husband
Samuel Burdekin
died 23rd July 1986
aged 98 years.,,

Grave No.C074
DOWNS J(ohn 1973),Probable name but not visible,,,

Grave No.C075
In loving memory of
a dear husband and father,
George Arthur Spinks,
died 12th July 1972
aged 82 years,
Also of his dear wife
Louisa Edith Spinks,
died 2nd Sept. 1975
aged 83 years. ,,

Grave No.C076
In memory of
a dear husband
Percy Smedley
who passed away 23rd Jan 1971
aged 75 years
“The Lord is my Shepherd”,
and of
his wife
who passed away 25th December 1988
aged 83 years,

Grave No.C077
Harry Stewardson
Treasured memories,
Husband and Father
died 2nd November 1970
aged 43 years,,

Grave No.C078
HOLMES Marjorie 1970,Age 64 - no inscription visible,,,

Grave No.C079
In loving memory of
Ellenor Evelyn Harrison
died 12th January 1970
aged 75,
Thomas William Harrison
died 22nd March 1974,,

Grave No.C080
son of
William and Mary Ann White
of Beeley
who died May 7, 1868,
aged 25.,
“Death little warning to me gave,
But quickly sent me to the grave:
Haste to Christ, make no delay,
For no one knows his dying day.”,,

Grave No.C081
William Brown
of Beeley
who died Oct 19, 1879 aged 64.,
his wife
Mar 11, 1901 “ 77,
their daughter
Jany 1863
15 (amended to 16),
“Hush be ever murmur dumb,
It is only till He comes”

Grave No.C082
son of
William & Mary Grindey
who died Nov 6, 1850
(corrected to 1859 from records),
aged 22.,
Also the above named
Mary Grindey
who died Mar 3, 1882
aged 69.,
“Looking unto Jesus”,

Grave No.C083
John Grindey
of Beeley
who died May 30, 1893
in his 44th year.,
“His end was peace”,,

Grave No.D001
not visible,,,,

Grave No.D002
not visible,,,,

Grave No.D003
BUXTON Sarah Prince 1969,Age 82 - no inscription visible - buried on 23

Grave No.D004
In loving memory of
Albert Cyril Wilson
20.1.1910 - 13.4.1969,
Also his beloved wife Pamela Alice 11.12.1920 - ?.5.1979,,,

Grave No.D005
In loving memory of
Winifred Bond
died October 10th 1968
aged 78 years,,,,

Grave No.D006
EVANS Ethel 1968,Age 82 - No inscription visible - death recorded on 08

Grave No.D007
BARNES Agnes (Miss) 1968,Age 79 - no inscription visible - death recorded on 30

Grave No.D008
beloved wife of
Joseph Kenworthy
died 4th Feb 1968
aged 72 yrs.,
“Until the day break and the shadows flee away”,
Also of the above named
Joseph Kenworthy
who died 3rd Mar 1976
aged 83 yrs
“At rest”,,

Grave No.D009
In loving memory of
Frances Harrison.
Died Sept 27th 1970
aged 68,
And her beloved husband
Jack Harrison
died June 27 1971
aged 71,
“At rest”,,

Grave No.D010
BROOMHEAD John Henry 1964,(Probably) Age 74. Burial recorded 12

Grave No.D011
In loving memory of my dear husband
Samuel Thraves
who died 17th January 1968
aged 64 years,
Also of his beloved wife
Sarah Milthorpe Thraves
who died 14th June 1978
aged 78 years.,,,

Grave No.D012
In memory of
Charles Buckley
died 4th July 1967,
Dorothy Buckley
died 1st Nov 1969,,,

Grave No.D013
In loving memory of my dear husband
Oliver Pilkington.
Died Oct. 1965
aged 84 years,
and of his devoted wife
Blanche Pilkington .
Died Dec. 28th 1972
aged 88 years,,,

Grave No.D014
In loving memory of
Thomas Howard Pilkington ,
At rest Sept. 1965,
aged 81 years,
And his beloved wife
Ethel Alice ,
At rest April 1969, aged 87 years.,
“In heavenly love abiding”

Grave No.D015
Peace to our dear little
who died January 8th 1965
aged 3 years,,,,

Grave No.D016
In loving memory of
John Edward Matthewson Tindale.
Died 4th October 1964
aged 73 years,
Also of his beloved wife
Annie Muriel Tindale.
Died 14th May 1983
aged 90 years,,,

Grave No.D017
In loving memory of
Sarah Furness
died 4th September 1964
aged 69 years,
Reunited with her three sons,
Stanley Keith Furness
died 1st May 1999
aged 80 years,
Arnold Furness
died 5th August 1999
aged 78 years,
Clifford Ronald
died 5th August 1999
aged 73 years,
“Together forever”

Grave No.D018
In loving memory of
William Haynes,
died April 23rd 1964 a
ged 79 years,
Elizabeth Hannah Haynes,
died October 4th 1965
aged 67 years,
“At rest”,,,

Grave No.D019
PARKER Fanny 1964, Age 83 Name recorded as RF - Inscription not visible,,,,,

Grave No.D020
Edward 1967 and Robert Edward 1999 ,In loving memory of
Annie Fearn,
a dear wife and mother,
who fell asleep March 28th 1964
aged 69 years,
Also her husband
Edward Fearn
who died September 5th 1967
aged 77 years,
Also their s

Grave No.D021
THOMPSON Frederick 1963,Age 64, burial recorded 23
1963 - no inscription visible,,,,,

Grave No.D022
In loving memory of
Esther Lizzie Fearn
of Park Farm
who died 15th December 1962
aged 74 years,
her beloved husband
who died 31st March 1967
aged 79 years,
“Rest in peace”,,,

Grave No.D023
Samuel Ludlam
of Beeley
who died April 1, 1882,
aged 61.,
“Thy will be done”,
his wife
who died Dec 11, 1888,
aged 63.,
“His hope was in Christ.”,,

Grave No.D024
Erected to the memory of
John Holmes
who died Oct 24, 1849,
aged 79.,
“Mark the perfect man,
& behold the upright,
for the end of that man is peace”.,
Age in burial records 29.,,,

Grave No.D025
Frances Higgs
who departed this life Jan 11, 1869
aged 58.,
Also Susanna Bond
her granddaughter
who died Apr 4, 1858,
aged 10 months.,
“O haste thee dear reader with earnestness tell,
through a sin bearing Saviour with us it is well.”,,,

Grave No.D026
Peter Bond
who died Mar 9, 1866
aged 40.,
“His hope was in Christ.”,
Frederick Joseph
his son
who died Mar 12, 1861,
aged 1 year & 8 months.,
“Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”.,
his daughter
who died July 13, 1869,
aged 16 years.,
“In sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection”.

Grave No.D027
relict of
Peter Bond
of Manchester,
who died Dec 5, 1892,
aged 67.,
“There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God”
Heb IV, 9,,,,

Grave No.D028
ELLIOTT Gladys 1986, A wooden cross - no inscription visible - Recorded as ‘GLADYS’ and this appears to be the only Gladys in the records. From Bakewell.,,,,,

Grave No.D029
In loving memory of
a devoted mother
Kate Ward,
at rest 13th June 1962
aged 80 years,
born 27th October 1881,,,,,

Grave No.D030
In loving memory of
Mabel Walvin
who died 22nd April 1962
aged 68 years,
Joseph Walvin
who died 24th August 1968
aged 78 years,,,,

Grave No.D031
In Loving memory of
Leonard Carline
died February 21st 1962
aged 86 years,
Also of his wife
died September 23rd 1866
aged 80 years,

Grave No.D032
DOWNES Frank 1961,Age 59 - No inscription visible,,,,,

Grave No.D033
In loving memory of
Harry Fearn,
died May 9th 1960
aged 67 years,
Also of his wife
died April 5th 1967
aged 81 years,

Grave No.D034
In loving memory of
Samuel Grafton
who died 13th July 1959
aged 61 years.,
“At rest”,,,,

Grave No.D035
Samuel Ludlam
of Fallinge
who died Nov 1849
aged 72.,
wife of the above
who died May 1849
aged 67.,
their son
who died July 18, 1864
aged 57,

Grave No.D036
Not visible,,,,,

Grave No.D037
Joseph Hutchinson
who died Sept 5, 1849,
aged 48.,
his second wife
who died Mar 2, 1857
aged 52.,,,,

Grave No.D038
Not Visible,,,,,

Grave No.D039
Not visible,,,,,

Grave No.D040
John Gardner
who died April 28, 1851
aged 72.,
his wife
who died Mar 18, 1851
aged 70.,
“It was God’s Will to call us hence,
From sin & toil & care.
May He protect for Jesus sake
Our children dear.”,
their son
who died Dec 8, 1856
aged 43.,,

Grave No.D041
ELLIOTT Ernest George 1962,Age 50 - recorded 15
1962, no inscription visible,,,,,

Grave No.D042
WARD Kate 1962,Age 80, died 13
1962, Allestree. No inscription visible.,,,,,

Grave No.D043

Grave No.D044

Grave No.D045
In loving memory of
Harry Morey,
died Nov 10th 1957
aged 72 years,
“At rest”,
Also of his beloved wife
died Jan 19th 1973
aged 92 years,,,

Grave No.D046

Grave No.D047
PARKER,No inscription visible,,,,,

Grave No.D048
HOLMES I and A,Not visible,,,,,

Grave No.D049
Sacred to the memory of
Ernest Goddard
who entered into rest 17th March 1955
aged 67 years,
“Until the day break”,
Also his dear wife
Sarah Ellen
who fell asleep 18th Sept 1956
aged 72 years,
“And the shadows flee away”

Grave No.D050
Frances Miriam Smith
died Jan 6th 1955
aged 66 years,,,

Grave No.D051
In loving memory of
Catherine Teresa Forbes,
died Aug 3rd 1954
aged 72 years.
“Resting where no shadows fall”,
Thomas William Forbes,
died Dec 19th 1966
aged 82 years,
Beloved husband of the above,

Grave No.D052
In loving memory of
Elizabeth Catherine Fearn
died 16th Oct. 1950
aged 68 years,
Also of
James Henry Fearn
died 12th Jan. 1962
aged 77 years,,

Grave No.D053
Not visible,,,

Grave No.D054
Not visible,,,

Grave No.D055
In affectionate remembrance of
William Lees
of Eastwood View Ashover,
late of Bakewell,
who died August 8, 1983
aged 64 years,
“Blessed are those servants whom the Lord when He cometh shall find watching”,
Also of
Harriett Tomlinson Lees,
wife of the above,
who died April 5th 1910
aged 66 years.,

Grave No.D056
Not visible,,,

Grave No.D057
Florence Mary Buckley,
died July 16th 1951
aged 83? years.
“At rest”,,,

Grave No.D058
In loving memory of
Louisa Fletcher,
died 12th March 1949
aged 39 years,
Also of her husband
died 12th June 1956
aged 58 years,,

Grave No.D059
EVANS B,Not visible,,,

Grave No.D060
In loving memory of
Charles Richard Bovington
died June 28 1948
age 77 ,
Also his beloved wife
Elizabeth Esther
died Aug 30 1958
age 87,,

Grave No.D061
In loving memory of
Robert White
of Fallinge
who died March 18th 1948
aged 71 years,
Also of his wife
Fanny White
who died July 6th 1955
aged 79 years,,

Grave No.D062
wife of
Samuel Grafton
of Beeley
who died Aug 15, 1851,
aged 57.,
daughter of the aforesaid
Samuel & Hannah Grafton
who died June 22, 1824,
aged 6 years,,

Grave No.D063
Samuel Grafton
of Beeley
who died Dec 13, 1866,
aged 77.,,,

Grave No.D064
son of
Jacob & Sarah Towndrow, Senior,
who departed this life Apr 19, 1839,
aged 6 years.,
Also the above named
Jacob Towndrow, Senior,
who died Nov 20, 1870,
aged 59.,
wife of the above
who died Nov 16, 1887
(corrected to 1881),
aged 70.,

Grave No.D065
This shrine is erected to the memory of
wife of
William Collier
the daughter of
Edward Latimer.
Born January 2 AD1795:
Died April AD 1834,
Also her children
Lucy, Margaret and John
[the rest is obliterated],[Edward Latimer is said to have been a lineal descentdant of Bishop Latimer, & that his daughter Latimer was the last of the line.,The register states that Lucy Collier was buried Apr 16, 1834, aged 39.,There are no other entries for burials of the family,but the baptism of a daughter Mary Anne, Sept 26, 1830 & of a son John, Aug 6, 1833. William Collier’s occupation was a joiner.]

Grave No.D066
Not visible,,,,

Grave No.D067
Not visible,,,,

Grave No.D068
Sarah Ann Morten
of Beeley Hill Top
who fell asleep 12th Nov. 1947
aged 66 years,
And of her husband
Edwin Morten
at rest 16th April 1952
aged 66 years,
“The Lord knoweth them that are his”,,

Grave No.D069
Not visible,,,,

Grave No.D070
In memory of
Maude Mary Grindey,
died June 28 1947
aged 75 years.,

Grave No.D071
In loving memory of
daughter of the late
Joseph & Charlotte Goddard,
who died June 4th 1947
aged 67 years,
“At rest”,,,

Grave No.D072
Not visible,,,,

Grave No.D073
Not visible,,,,

Grave No.D074
Gladys Annie Grafton,
born 24th August 1907,
died 21st December 1997,
“Sincere and true in heart and mind,
A beautiful memory left behind”,
Jesse Grafton,
born 19th May 1909,
died 12th July 1998,“In loving memory of both my parents”,

Grave No.D075
In loving memory of my dear husband
William Ward,
died 28th March 1949
aged 76 years,
“At rest”,Also of his wife
Louisa Mary Joseph, died 20th May 1954
aged 82 years,,

Grave No.D076
Not visible,,,,

Grave No.D077
In memory of
beloved wife of
Tom Robert Wall,
born 28th August 1970,
died 3rd Febuary (sic) 1947,
“At rest”,Also of the above named
Tom Robert Wall,
died 6th September 1953
aged 85 years,,

Grave No.D078
In loving memory of
Hannah Grafton Forbes
died Sept. 13th 1946
aged 94 years,
“A noble life”,,,

Grave No.D079
May be as D80 or may not be visible,,,,,

Grave No.D080
Joseph Hutchinson
Sept 8th 1946
aged 68.
his wife
Oct 22nd 1956
age 80,
also of their daughters
Margaret Annie
Oct 22nd 1977
age 63,
Florence Lillian
Nov 10th 1977
age 59,
Katherine Rose
d April 8th 1978
age 69,
also of their brother
Robert Owen Hutchinson
Aug 28th 1987
age 69,
also their sister
Mary Evelyn Hutchinson
d. Dec 10th 1992
age 87,

Grave No.D081
Richard Tomlinson
of Rowsley,
who died Dec 11, 1894
in his 86th year.,
“Blessed are they that die in the Lord”.,,,,

Grave No.D082
wife of
Richard Tomlinson
of Rowsley
who died Mar 2, 1849,
aged 47,
“Be ye therefore ready also
for the Son of Man cometh
at an hour when ye think not”.,
Rebecca Gossage,
second wife of
Richard Tomlinson,
who died Sept 2, 1862
aged 39.,
son of the aforesaid
Richard & Elizabeth Tomlinson,
who died Dec 4, 1862,
aged 22.,,

Grave No.D083
In loving memory of
Charles Slack
who died Sept 25th 1927
aged 46 years.,
Elizabeth Slack
wife of the above
who died Feb 4th 1904
aged 59 years,
“At rest”,,

Grave No.D084
son of
John & Sarah Turner
who died Sept 23, 1818
aged 74 [14? added] (Actually 2 years ,
their son
who died Jan 8, 1829,
aged 17.,
the above named
John Turner
who died July 3, 1845,
aged 65.,
his son
who died May 16, 1848,
aged 21.,
Also the above named
wife of John Turner
who died Oct 8, 1863,
aged 81.,
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”

Grave No.D085
In loving memory of
George Hilson
who died Sep 5th 1956
aged 90 years,
Also his wife
Margaret Isabella
who died Oct 14th 1945
aged 70 years,
“Here we have no continuing city
but we seek one to come”,,,

Grave No.D086
Sacred to the memory of
Harby Goddard
(of Rowsley)
died 22nd July 1945
aged 62 years,
“Jesus understands,
all His ways are best”,
And his beloved wife
died 7th June 1948
aged 62 years,
“At rest” ,,

Grave No.D087
William Henry Morten
of Beeley Hill Top
died 4th May 1945
aged 67 years,
“Death is swallowed up in Victory”,,,,

Grave No.D088
George Beard,
died March 4th 1945
aged 53 years,,,,,

Grave No.D089
In loving memory of
George Wilton Burdekin
who died October 23rd 1939
aged 57 years,
and of
his wife
who died May 12th 1976
aged 84 years,,,,

Grave No.D090
In Loving Memory of
James Matthew Downs
who died December 8th 1941
aged 73 years,
Also of his wife
Martha Hagar Downs
who died November 12th 1912
aged ?3 years,
“At rest”,,,

Grave No.D091
Not visible,,,,,

Grave No.D092
Not visible,,,,,

Grave No.D093
Not visible,,,,,

Grave No.D094

Grave No.D095
wife of
William Lees
of Beeley Hill Top,
who died Aug 21, 1844,
aged 80.,
Also the above named
William Lees,
who died Oct 5, 1859 (corrected to 1857),
aged 89.,,,,

Grave No.D096
William John Lees,
late of Beeley Hill Top,
who departed this life Aug 1st 1879,
aged 37.,
“Thy will be done”.,
William Lees
father of the above named
who departed this life Dec 25, 1880,
aged 77.,
“If we believe that Jesus died & rose again,
even them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him”,
Also of
Mary Lees
wife of the aforesaid
William Lees,
who departed this life Aug 3, 1881,
aged 69.,

Grave No.D097
Nothing else visible,,,,,,,,

Grave No.D098
daughter of
Anthony and Ann Bennett
who died March 10. 1815
aged 30.,
Also the above named
Anthony Bennett
who died April 23. 1828
(amended to 1827 as in records)
aged 74.,,,,,,,

Grave No.D099
In loving memory of Anne Reeve,
beloved wife of
Lewis Reeve,
who departed this life Oct 13th 1939
aged 77 years
“At rest” ,,,,,,,,

Grave No.D100
Not visible,,,,,,,,

Grave No.D101
Not visible,,,,,,,,

Grave No.D102
Not visible,,,,,,,,

Grave No.D103
Not visible,,,,,,,,

Grave No.D104
Not visible,,,,,,,,

Grave No.D105
son of
William & Mary Bark
aged V years.,
Also of the aforesaid
William Bark
of Park Gate
who died May 5, 1868
(amended to 1865 as in records),
aged 67
(amended to 57).,,,,,,,

Grave No.D106
James Stone
of Beeley
who died Mar 31, 1854,
aged 56.,
relict of the above
who died Mar 22, 1883,
aged 78.,
their daughter
who died Mar 24, 1839,
aged 4 years.,
their son
who died Feb 22, 1846,
aged 18.,
their son
who died Apr 8, 1848,
aged 17.,
their daughter
who died Jan 2, 1850,
aged 22.,
“As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive”.,
Also of
their daughter
who died June 2, 1915,
aged 70.,
“Peace perfect peace”

Grave No.D107
Sarah Eliza
wife of
Henry Bark,
Park Farm, Chatsworth,
who died Jan 8 1885,
aged 38 years.,
Also the above named
Henry Bark
who died July 2, 1906,
aged 69.,
“Blessed are those servants who when the Lord cometh are found watching”.,,,,,,

Grave No.D108
William Gill
of Carlton Lees
who died Mar 2, 1885
aged 70.,
“Trusting in Jesus”,
Elizabeth Gill
wife of the above named,
who died May 26, 1890,
aged 70.,
“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”.,,,,,

Grave No.D109
widow of the late
John Drabble
of Harwood Grange
who died Nov 14, 1880, aged 67.,
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”,
Also of
sister of the above named
Mary Drabble & wife of Thomas Sheldon of Pilsley
who died Dec 3, 1884
aged 73,
“She is not dead but sleepeth”.,,,,,

Grave No.D110
not visible,,,,,,,,

Grave No.E001
Here lies the bodies of
Betty & Margaret
the daughters of
John & Elizabeth Raindle
of Parkgate.
Betty departed this life April 6, 1762,
aged 5 years,
Margaret, December 18, 1750,
aged 2 months.,
“Be always ready, no time to delay in many ---------
Great grief to them”,,

Grave No.E002
Near this place lie the remains of
the son of Joshua & Dorothy Turner
of Harwood Grange,
who died Feb 7, 1793
(corrected to 1792),
aged 36.,
wife of the above named
Joshua Turner,
who died Aug 12, 1809,
aged 84.,
son of the above named
George Turner,
who died Feb 24, 1819,
aged 30.,
the above named
Joshua Turner
who died Nov 24, 1819,
aged 101 years 9 months.

Grave No.E003
the daughter of
John & Ann Allin
was interred March 6, 1742,
aged 9 years.,,,

Grave No.E004
Arthur Fidler
of Harwood Grange
who died June 4, 1741,
aged 78.,
the wife of the above Arthur Fidler,
who departed this life 1761,
aged 86.,,

Grave No.E005
son of
William & Mary Brown
who departed this life Jan 12, 1758
aged 18 years.,
William Brown
who departed this life July 5, 1786,
aged 74
[this is on the same stone as the above],,

Grave No.E006
?TABLE only shows “E” ,Raised stone dated 1782. [The only burial entered in the Register for that year is “Thomas Badgley, buried Oct 14, 1782.],,,

Grave No.E007
Hic jacent cineres
Johannis Wright
qualis fuit indicabit dies supremis obit 3 Jan, 1717,
(corrected to 1747)
aetatis suae 65.
Hic etiam
uxor quae obiit 20 Mar, 1750-1
aetatis suae 69.,,,

Grave No.E008
the wife of
Michael Wright
died Nov 23, 1779,
aged 58.,
“A tender mother & a loving wife,
A virtuous woman good in all her life.”,
Also the aforesaid
Michael Wright,
who died Sept 28, 1798.,

Grave No.E009
Large Flat Stone,On the right & left corners of the top, in lead, are the letters “R” “S”.,On the right & left corners of the bottom are “I” “S”.,
[The bottom letter may be the initials of John Savile, also mentioned on th

Grave No.E010
Large flat stone,Two letters deeply cut in right and left corners, namely, “G” “S”.
[This is probably the grave stone of George Savile whose monument is in the chancel, who died the 16th of May 1734.
If so, it was originally in

Grave No.E011
One of two short stones near the chancel door.,
Inscribed OH 1730,
The register gives Olinda Holmes widow was buried 21st day of January 1730,

Grave No.E012
One of two short stones near the chancel door.,
EH 1761,
The register gives Elizabeth wife of John Holmes, Farmer, June 20th 1761.,

Grave No.E013
John Holmes
who died Nov 6, 1835,
aged 62.,
the son of
John & Elizabeth Holmes
& grandson of the aforesaid John Holmes
who departed this life Feb 22, 1838,
aged 2 years & 10 months.,
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”,
Helen Holmes
wife of the aforesaid
John Holmes
who died April 20th 1848,
aged 71.

Grave No.E014
the son of
John & Mary Holmes
who departed this life December 1st 1826,
aged 9 weeks.,
Also the above named
wife of Joshua Holmes
who departed this life Sept 26, 1828,
aged 28.,
second wife of the aforesaid
who died Feb 8, 1843,
aged 40.,

Grave No.E015
Joshua Homes of Beeley who died July2, 1862, aged 59.,,,

Grave No.E016
William Norman
died September
An. Dom. 1670
[no age recorded],,,

Grave No.E017
(Altar tomb)
Here lies interred the body of
late wife of Henry Norman
of Beeley (Hill Top)
who departed this life Sept 19, 1685,
aged 20.,
wife to John Norman
who departed this life Jany(?) 1727
aged 42. ,,,

Grave No.E018
(Altar tomb)
Here lies buried the body of
Henry Norman
of Beeley
who departed this life July 7, 1728,
aged 73.,,,,

Grave No.E019
wife of
John Hawksworth
who departed this life Mar 22, 1752,
aged 44.,
William & Benjamin
sons of John & Mary Hawksworth.,
William departed this life May 2nd 1737
aged 2 years,
Benjamin May 5, 1737
aged - months.,

Grave No.E020
Also here lieth the body of
the second wife of
William Smith
who departed this life May 19, 1768,
aged 24.,
their son
who departed this life 1769
aged 3 years.,,,

Grave No.E021
wife of
William Smith
who departed this life Mar 19, 1757,
aged 24.,& here lieth the body of their son
William Smith
who departed this life Nov 16, 1790,
aged 69.,,,

Grave No.E022
wife of
Thomas Thornhill
of Bakewell
& daughter of
William & Elizabeth Smith
of this place,
who died Nov 8, 1826
aged 33.,
“All ye who come my grave to see,
As I am now, so you must be.
Prepare to follow: for you know
The debt I’ve paid you all do owe.”,,,

Grave No.E023
daughter of
William & Elizabeth Smith
who departed this life Sept 5, 1797,
aged 5 weeks.,
Also the above named
William Smith
who departed this life Nov 5, 1825,
aged 71.,
Also the above named
Elizabeth Smith
who died Dec 15, 1826
aged 64.,,

Grave No.E024
[Front of stone much decayed]
Thomas Smith
departed this life May 1752……,
………………………….aged 50.,
the wife of
Thomas Smith
who departed this life Jan 2, 1780
aged 84.,,

Grave No.E025
Mary Froggatt
wife of
Francis Froggatt
was buried Feb 26, 1745
aged 24.,
daughter of
Francis & Mary Froggatt
was buried April 11, 1751
aged 62.,,,

Grave No.E026
Mary Macdonald
daughter of
John & Elizabeth Macdonald
who died May 21, 1772,
aged 1 year.,
their daughter,
who died Nov 28, 1779
aged 6 year.,
their son,
who died in infancy, 1781.,,

Grave No.E027
Near this place was deposited the mortal part of
John Macdonald
who exchanged time for eternite, on the 10th of June 1800,
aged 50.,,,,

Grave No.E028
Josiah Windle
who departed this life July 21, 1845,
aged 65.,Also Sarah wife of the above, she died July 20, 1846, aged 66.,Also Elizabeth their daughter who died Jan 21, 1835, aged 21.,
their son
who died Apr 15, 1809,
aged 1 year.,
“Christ calls us hence, we must attend;
Death takes us from our bosom friend;
Our children dear we leave behind;
Earthly joys are like the wind.”

Grave No.E029
This stone is erected in memory of
William Gill,
late of Gladwin’s Mark,
who departed this life Nov 29, 1839,
aged 77.,
“The frowns of this world are with him at an end,
Exchanged for the smiles of his saviour and friend,
Escaped from the regions of sorrow and woe,
Affliction and trouble no more shall he know”.,
his wife
who died Mar 13, 1850
aged 69.,
“The Lord knoweth the days of the upright
& their inheritance shall be for ever”.,

Grave No.E030
Affectionate Remembrance of
Thomas Gill
who died July 10, 1913,
aged 64 years,
“Rest in peace”.,
Also of
Elizabeth Gill
of Gladwin’s Mark
who died November 21 1927,,

Grave No.E031
To preserve and unite the memory of
John Gill
of Harwood Grange
who died April 6, 1771
(corrected to 1774),
aged 58.,
his wife
who died October 1, 1804,
aged 85 years,Also
their son,
who departed this life Feb 24, 1833,
aged 85 years,,

Grave No.E032
Affectionate remembrance of
Thomas Gill
of Gladwins Mark
who died March 17, 1836
aged 80 (60?) yeaars.,
Also in loving memory of
John Thomas
son of Thomas & Elizabeth Gill,
late of Gladwins Mark,
died Aug 1, 1891,
aged 14 months.,
“Safe in the arms of Jesus”,,

Grave No.E033
[Ridged stone]
Thomas Gill
of Gladwin’s Mark
who departed this life Aug 1st 1865
aged 56,
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”,
relict of
Thomas Gill
born Dec 31, 1808 died Nov 8, 1876.,
“Her children arise up and call her blessed”,,

Grave No.E034
In loving memory of
Nellie Louise Burdekin,
died 26th February 1976
in her 90th year,,,,,

Grave No.E035
In loving memory of
a dear husband and father
Rollinson Hawksworth
died 6th April 1983
aged 76 years,
Edith Hawksworth
a dearly loved wife and mother
died 5th November 2000 aged 91 years,,,,

Grave No.E036
In loving memory of
William Henry Critchlow
f Moor Farm Beeley.
Died Nov 27th 1938 a
ged 76 years.,
“At rest”,
Also of
his wife,
died March 31st 1974,
aged 97 years,

Grave No.E037
son of
Henry & Mary Swift,
who departed this life Mar 23, 1755
aged 59.,
Also the above named
Henry Swift,
who departed this life Dec 30, 1759
aged 59.,,,,

Grave No.E038
In loving memory of
John Bingham.
Died Sept 6. 1936.
Aged 68 years.,
Also of his wife
Florence Bingham.
Died March 9. 1942.
Aged 72 years.,
“Peace perfect peace.”,,,

Grave No.E039
In loving memory of
Edith Lucy Freeman
who died 6th July 1934
in her 81st year,
Also of her husband
Francis Gage Freeman
who died 11th September of the same year aged 80,
“Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord”,,,

Grave No.E040
Elias Meller
who departed this life Apr 13, 1700
aged 69.,
wife of the above
Elias Meller
who departed this life May 13, 1763,
aged 75,,,,

Grave No.E041
In loving memory of
Thomas William Gill,
of Gladwins Mark,
who died April 2nd 1938
aged 43 years.,
Also of
Jesse Shaw,
who died July 17th 1947,
aged 78 years.,
Also of his wife
Marianne Shaw,
who died Nov. 28th 1961
aged 82 years.,,,

Grave No.E042
In loving memory of
John Gowen,
died 21st September 1990
in his 70th year,,,,,

Grave No.E043
John Travis
who died Nov 26, 1780
(corrected to 1789)
aged 65.,
wife of John Travis
who died Mar 20, 1797,
aged 69.,,,,

Grave No.E044
In loving memory of
the beloved son of
Isaac and Mary Broomhead
who fell asleep Sept 11. 1933
age 6 years,,,,,

Grave No.E045
In loving memory of
Thomas Hawksworth
died Dec 4th 1929
aged 78 years,
his wife
died April 24th 1930
aged 77 years,
their daughter
died 13th April 1966
aged 85,
Emily McInroy
their daughter
died 15th Feb 1966
aged 81,
Charles McInroy
their son-in-law
died 20th March 1866
aged 89,
“Until the day breaks”

Grave No.E046
My dear husband
William Hawksworth
born 3rd October 1863
died 12th July 1943,
Also his wife
Louisa Hawksworth
born 4th May 1867
died 24th August 1950,
their daughter
born 14th November 1892
died 24th January 1895,
their son
born 20th February 1896
died of wounds 9th April 1918,,

Grave No.E047
LONG B possibly Brian 1847,WOODEN CROSS. He was an evacuee who died very young.,,,,,

Grave No.E048
In loving memory of
a dear sister
who fell asleep 10th Jan 1967
aged 69 years,
“At rest”,,

Grave No.E049
In loving memory of
my dear husband
Isaac Broomhead,
died 21st Dec 1970,
aged 66 years,
“In heavenly love abiding”,
a dear wife and mother,
died 14th Aug 1985
aged 85 years,

Grave No.M001
(see also C83)
To the memory of
John Grindey
who died May 30th 1893
aged 43 years.
This tablet is placed by Mrs Sculthorpe
in grateful recognition of 20 years faithful service,
"Faithful unto Death" Rev. 2. 10,,,

Grave No.M002
In loving memory of
Charles Cocker,
who departed this life
Jany 20th A D 1886
aged 64 years.
"My time is in thy hand" Psalm XXI v XVII,,,

Grave No.M003
Near this place lie ye bodies of
George Savile
of South House Grange in the County of Derby Esqr
and John his brother,
the sons of William Savile
of Hill Top in ye said County Esqr
and Dorothy his wife.
John departed this life the fifth day of October in the year of our Lord 1733:
George the sixteenth day of May 1734,
and in gratitude to their memory
this memorial is created by their nephew
John Gilbert Cooper Esqr,

Grave No.M004
The East Window was erected by the parishioners
and sympathising friends in memory of
Lord Edward Cavendish M.P.
who died May 18th 1891.
"If we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
even so them also which sleep in Jesus
will God bring with Him" 1 Thess 4. 14,,

Grave No.M005
To the glory of God and in memory of
William 7th Duke of Devonshire K.G.,
Erected by the Parishioners in memory of their beloved Duke A.D. 1892,,,

Grave No.M006
In loving memory of
Harriette Mary
and Annie Louise Sculthorpe
"Their angels do always behold
the face of the Father which is in heaven",
Underneath M6,
Also of
Eveline Dorothy
aged 8 months AD1885,
"Thy will be done"

Grave No.M007

Here lieth interred in hopes of
a blessed resurrection the body of
John Calvert
late of this parish, Gent,
who departed this life Apr the seventh 1710, aged 65,,,

Grave No.M008
To the glory of God and in loving memory of
Alfred Clement Smithson
of the Royal Mounted Police
who died of enteric fever in Eshowe Zululand ,
28th Dec. 1900
this memorial is erected by his many friends
in Beeley neighbourhood and ?,
"Not lost but gone before",,

Grave No.M009
In memory of
Samuel Grafton
for some years senr churchwarden of this parish
Born 25 June 1842,
Died Sepr 26, 1887"
"All the days of my appointed time I wait,
till my change come" Job XIV, 14"
Erected by his Workmen, Tenants and Friends amongst the parishioners

Grave No.M010
Sarah Ellen Holmes
died Jan 15th, A.D. 1893
aged 18 years"
In affectionate remembrance
this tablet is erected by her fellow Sunday School teachers,
the School Children, and many young friends.
"Thy will be done",,

Grave No.M011
In morte lucrum.
The remains of that excellent woman
Mrs Ann Greaves,
daughter of
George Birds of Stantonhall, gent.,
and relict of
John Greaves
of Woodhouse Esq .,
lie here interrd, her better part to blisful regions
ascended the 25 day of May Anno Dni 1700.
To whose pious memory this marble
is dedicated by her brother Thomas Birds,

Grave No.M012

To the glory of God & in loving memory of
all Beeley men who served their country
in life & death during the Great War 1914-1919,
and in gratitude for those who have safely returned,
this window is placed by the parishioners.,,,

Grave No.M013
This marble stone doth press but not oppress the body of
John Greaves,
son of John Greaves, Esq.,
who was always a true son of the Church of England,
merciful and charitable to ye poore,
patient and courageous in a tedious sickness,
and at length being full of faith and hope
did exchange this troublesome world for a better
upon ye 13th day of October in the year of our Lord 1694.,,,

Grave No.M014
(in records as CENTER) (see also C19)
Sacred to the memory of
George Hunter
late of Harcourt Buildings, Temple, London,
youngest son of
David Hunter Esq. of Killylung, Dumfriesshire
who departed this life March 18th, 1841
aged 27 years & 6 months.,,,

Grave No.M015
George 1675 and William 1676, (Latin inscription very difficult to read)
Memoriae Sacrum
George Savile de Beeley
in agro. Derb. armigeri antiqua de Howley,
in agro Ebor......
Translated as:
George Savile de Beeley
of the ancient family of Savile of Howley, Co York,
who died September 16th 1675.
Also to the momory of his brother
William Savile,
who died June 9th 1676,
sons of William Savile of Bakewell.